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"This app is amazing!"

"It has helped me so much and made the task of tracking calories, that I have always found very overwhelming, super simple."


- Bryn Mays, Stuntman

Programs Designed With You In Mind.

Choose from any of our four options.

Weight Loss

Lose weight the right way, and keep it off forever.


Muscle Gain

Build muscle and make gains, for the long term.


Reverse Diet

Increase your calories, while keeping your weight down.



Keep your weight within your own custom range.

How It Works

How It Works

Step By Step

Just follow these easy steps to success.

Step 1

Pick Your Goal

Choose from one of our 4 options and get started on your program. Each option will be tailored specifically for you, based on the personal statistics you provide.

Our program types consist of Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Reverse Diet and Maintenance.


Step 2

Sign Up

No matter what your goal is, we've got you covered. Get started by setting up your account, where you can enter your information like your age, height, weight, body fat, and activity level.

If you're unsure about your body fat percentage, we've got you covered with our "Don't know your bodyfat %?" option, which allows you to calculate it easily.

Step 3

Get Your Macros

After you sign up, our advanced algorithm analyses your personal details to create a customised set of calories and macros that are specific to your goals. With daily macro tracking, you can follow the macro targets that have been set for you.

You can also use our Adjust Macros Weekly Planner to set different calorie goals, making it easy for heavy training days or weekends.


Step 4

Check In Weekly

Progress happens daily, but it is often shown weekly. Once a week you will be prompted to check in with VisionFit Health to analyse how compliant you were to your targets and to see if any adjustments need to be made.

This takes in all of the data you provided throughout the week and adjusts based on your performance, to keep you heading towards you goals.


Tired of yo-yo dieting?

Lose Weight,
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Learn how to diet with VisionFit Health,
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"VisionFit Health has guided me throughout my ACL recovery. It has provided the perfect calorie and macro targets to maximise muscle gain, strength and my progress back to 100%"

"A game changer in recovery"

- Toby Clements, Online Fitness Coach
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

  • Changing Goal
    To change goal, you need to head to your profile, by clicking on your proflie picture on the macros screen. From here you'll be able to scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the "Change Goal" button. You will be able to then select your new goal out of the 4 options. Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Reverse Diet or Maintenance.
  • Entering Bodyweight & Bodyfat
    On the macros screen you will have the option daily to enter your bodyweight and also your bodyfat if you have a scale that records it, or if you choose to measure another way on a daily bases. Entering your bodyweight everyday will make a big difference compared to just weighing once a week. This will allow the system to take an average weight across the week from all of your weigh-ins. So we highly recommend that you record your bodyweight everyday of the week to get the most accurate measure come check in day. To get the most consistent bodyweight reading, make sure to weigh-in each morning, before you have eaten or drunk anything and after you have used the bathroom.
  • Entering Macros
    On the macros screen you will see your daily macros targets inside the three rings. Above these you will see 0's. Once you have finished tracking your food for the day, in a calorie tracking app such as myfitnesspal, you will be able to input your total macros into the rings by clicking on the 0's and entering your own values. The colour rings will then fill depending on how close to the targets you managed to get. If you have previously connected to Apple Health, then these values will input automatically as you track your food. Which means, you can simply aim for the targets, and you don't have to enter your totals manually.
  • View Previous Check Ins
    To view previous check ins, head to your profile by clicing your profile picture on the macros screen. From there, select the history button in the top right corner, next to settings. You will then be able to navigate through to your current program and view your previous check ins.
  • Weekly Check In
    Once a week you will have your weekly check in. The VisionFit Health system will analyse all of the data you have provided within that week and will adjust based on how your body has responded. Taking into account whether you were compliant to your macro targets or not. You will be able to complete this weekly check in by selecting the "Check In" button, which will appear on the check in day you have selected. From there you will be taken through the check in process and can input any previous missed data from the week. Once this has been completed, the system will update you with your new macro targets for the coming week, if any changes needed to be made.
  • Setting High & Low Days
    When you sign up to VisionFit Health and are provided with your macro targets, you will be able to set yourself high and low days. This means spreading out your calorie intake across the week, to give yourself more or less food on specific days that you may choose. You will be able to select the "Adjust Macros" button, which will open the high and low day section. From here you'' be able to adjust the slider bars to your preference. You can also access the "Adjust Macros" button on the profile screen and adjust your high and low days weekly from there.
  • Setting Carb & Fat Targets
    Once VisioFit Health has provided you with your macro targets, you will be able to select the "Adjust Macros" button. From here you will be able to adjust the carb & fat slider bar to your desired preference. Some people respond better to different macro distributions and some people just prefer more of one macro over the other. So choose a range that will allow you to stay the most compliant to your targets.
  • Setting Protein Target
    Once VisioFit Health has provided you with your macro targets, you will be able to select the "Adjust Macros" button. From here you'll be able to adjust the protein slider to your desired preference.
  • What Goal Is Right For Me
    How to determine which goal is right for you. There are some questions you may need to ask yourself first. 1. Am I happy with my current bodyweight? 2. Am I happy with my current calorie intake? 3. Do I want to build more muscle? 4. Do I want to lose bodyfat? These questions alone can be a great start to determine which option is right for you. If you are unhappy with your current bodyweight and looking to lose bodyfat, then selecting weight loss may be the best choice. Whereas if you are happy with your bodyweight, then a maintenance goal may be the way to go. If you fall into the category of wanting to lose bodyfat, but are stuggling to stick to a diet. Then a reverse diet may be a great option for you. Doing this will allow you to increase your calories over time, increasing your metabolic rate. This may make fat loss easier in the future, due to being able to diet on more caloires. Making your diet easier to adhere to in the long term. If you are looking to build more muscle, then you could also select a reverse diet. But selecting muscle gain would most likely be the most beneficial. As the system will be setting you targets with the intention of increasing bodyweight and thus maximising muscle gain potential.
  • Weight Loss Explained
    If your goal is to lose fat, then this is the option for you. When it comes to losing weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit to achieve this. This means consuming less than your body is burning on a daily basis. The VisionFit Health system will determine your maintenance calories and apply an appropriate calorie defcit based on the rate of loss you have selected. If you have a history of yo-yo dieting, or you are someone that is always struggling to lose weight. It may be more appropriate to select a conservative approach and go slower, which may be more sustainable. Or switch to the Reverse Diet setting for a period of time to recover your metabolism before attempting to diet again.
  • Muscle Gain Explained
    If your goal is to gain weight and build muscle, then this option is for you. To achieve weight gain you have to be in a calorie surplus. The muscle gain option will determine an appropriate surplus from your maintenance calories, dependant on which rate of gain you have selected. To allow you to gain weight at the desired rate. Being in a calorie surplus is highly beneficial when it comes to muscle growth. Following a proggesive resitance training program while simultaneousy eating in that surplus, is going to promote the best growth. Muscle gain and reverse dieting are similar as they both put you in a calorie suplus. But the goal of the muscle gain option is to increase bodyweight.
  • Reverse Diet Explained
    If you are wanting to rebuild your metabolism and maintain your bodyweight on a higher calorie intake, then reverse dieting is the option for you. After a succesful weight loss period, calories are often at a low point. Going into a reverse diet can be a great option if the goal is to increase your metabolism and get calorie intake back to a healthy range. It is also highly beneficial for those who are struggling to adhere to a low calorie intake. Maybe you've been trying to lose weight forever and always head up and down on the scale. Reverse dieting can rebuild your metabolism over time, so that in the future you may be able to lose bodyfat on higher calories, which will be more sustainable in the long run. It isn't sustainable to stay on a low calorie diet long term. It's important to get them back up to a sustainable amount once dieting is complete or if adherence is a problem. Going straight back up to the calories you were eating before your fat loss phase, can cause a lot of weight to be gained back at a fast rate. Doing a reverse diet allows you to increase calories weekly, while monitoring weight gain and will go up dependant on what rate of increase you have selected. Reverse dieting and muscle gain are similar as they both put you in a calorie suplus. But the goal of the reverse dieting option is to increase calorie intake.
  • Maintenance Explained
    If you are happy with your current bodyweight and calorie intake, then maintenance is the option for you. You may want to go into a maintenace phase once you have completed a reverse diet. This will give your body time to adapt to the higher calorie intake it is on. Taking this time to maintain can set you up very well physically and mentally, ready for the next goal you choose. Particulary if the goal is fat loss. The VisionFit system will keep you within a certain range of your weight, dependant on which weight range you have selected.
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